Summer Heat CD


My first full-length album, recorded as my undergraduate senior project. I still perform some of these when I play live!

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  1. Summer Heat (3:35)
  2. A Better Way to Spend Your Summer (5:11)
  3. Judy Burhans (3:55)
  4. I’ll Go Along (4:40)
  5. Pink & Black Turtleneck (8:35)
  6. Paperweight Startingblock (5:17)
  7. Hands Over Hers (4:54) with the Andrew Eckel Ensemble
  8. Angelina’s Project (3:46) with Colin Summers
  9. TV Diagnosis (2:13) (Theme From Grohl’s Diner Collapses, marimba duet with Scott Lipton)

Song topics include getting up early for school, mutual breakups, and secretive women building things. Ends with an instrumental ode to watching TV in a pillow fort. The songs were written at a piano on hot summer nights, then arranged for a bazillion instruments.

Andrew Eckel – Vocals, drumset, piano, guitar, bass, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, syths, bells, electric organ
Jake Bartfield – fretless electric bass
Dave Cheung – clarinet
Dave Doria – alto sax
Nate Falkiewicz – alto sax
Betsy Hamm – violin
Kevin Itwaru – trumpet
Jim Konish – harmonica
Amy Latten – cello
Josh Levinson – trombone
Scott Lipton – marimba
Josh Modney – violin, trumpet
Jesse Newman – electric violin
Colin Summers – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Peter Tu – viola
Zane Van Dusen – electric bass
Bob Wincowski – vocals

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